Later, almost all camera phones can take panoramic photos in a 360 ° angle, unfortunately it’s not easy to take panoramic pictures with the camera phone, it takes time and precision so that the picture looks perfect. Ricoh as a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company is currently developing an omnidirectional camera with Wi-Fi that could be used in conjunction with a mobile phone or tablet to take 360 ° panoramic photos without the hassle.

In this camera, there are 2 pieces of Fish Eye lens, each of Fish Eye lens can take photos with the lens angle of 180 degrees. So without having to rotate the camera, so snap 360 degree panoramic photos can already be taken. The images are then can be transferred directly to your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi connection, and with the help of the application, we can see the picture as a whole (see the video).

Ricoh also said that this omnidirectional camera is intended more for fun activities and of course for those of you who like to take a panoramic photo like this. When will it be launched? According to Ricoh, these omnidirectional camera will be launched when there are a lot of enthusiasts that ready to buy it.

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