Sony has officially not going to use the brand of NEX for the latest mirrorless camera product. And in return, they will carry the Alpha brand for the mirrorless camera products. One of them is the Sony Alpha A5000 which has just exhibited at CES 2014 .

If we see the design, this camera has a shape that is similar to the Sony NEX-5T. This camera also has a body that is small and lightweight, the weigh is only 210 gram. Not only that, this camera also features a built – in WiFi in it.


This camera also has an E-mount camera like the one on the NEX. This camera also has better autofocus feature if compared to its predecessor. Other features, this camera comes with a 20MP sensor and NFC connectivity.

According to the plan, this camera will be marketed by Sony in March 2014. No information on the price that would be set by Sony for this new camera.


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