Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has been officially launched and some videos has also been released as well. As the first Android smart phone in the world that has a 10x optical zoom, it has some pretty useful features. Take a look at the video above, there are at least three things are quite useful in our opinion:

– In-Call Photo Share

This feature allows us while talking/calling, we can directly snapped photos by turning the lens ring then share the photo via MMS to the other person.

– Smart Mode Suggest

So many settings (mode) offered to take a photo for best result as the conditions, but sometimes we are confused about the setting. It’s easy, we just need to point the camera to the object that we want to take the picture then automatically will feature some of the most appropriate setting. The most appropriate setting is determined by the level of light, object distance, and other facial recognition.

– Photo Suggest

It’s the most interesting feature to us, where this feature can display pictures according to the location where we are.

Examples like this, when we went to a famous place, sometimes we confused where the best locations for taking photos, with the help of this feature (and GPS and internet connection) then the screen will display the photos that associated with the places.

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